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Seventh Conference on Scientific Archives
24th – 26th June, 2015
Main Theme: Records Management and Access to Information: challenges and guidelines for institutions of teaching and research.
Themes of the Conference:

Theme 1 – Records management and its connection to society
Summary: The commitment to access to the information created within public administration as assumed by the State in Brazil with the enactment of Law 12,527 / 2011 - “the Access to Information Act” - implicitly considers that government organizations have control over the information that they produce and receive. We can also assume therefore that the creators control the records during the production, use, maintenance and disposal processes. This plenary considers records management as a set of actions, procedures and techniques involving operations from production, processing, use and disposal of documents that result in their eventual elimination or archiving in permanent custody, in this way promoting continued control. Thus, we intend to discuss to what extent the relationship between records management and information management is effectively equalized in the State and what are the minimum standards for a records management program that ensures effective access to information and the transparency of the State.

Theme 2 – Research activities and records management
Summary: – Research activities are carried out in universities, research centers or institutions and in environments such as laboratories, centres, and groups bringing together researchers with different profiles around a common objective. Research, which is generally considered the purpose of institutions, produces a wide range of documents of different types, genres and media that, in order to be carried out, assumes planning in stages and activities, the actions of which should be recorded and tracked. To this end, it is necessary to control the records created during the research process. Effectively, so that the records that are elaborated are adequate and appropriate, it is necessary that the records management programme includes these activities as its object of investigation and regulates their production, maintenance, use and disposal, thus promoting the discussion about the identification of which archival material in the organization of teaching and research is of permanent historical value.

The Seventh Conference on Scientific Archives is a promotion of the Museu de Astronomia e Ciências Afins, a research institution related to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, an institution of memory and research related to the Ministry of Culture.

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Registration and information : (21) 3289-8675 (Luis Antônio) or 3289-8666 (Renata)
E-mail: arquivo@rb.gov.br